Climbing Santa Bank – Karakuri Workshop – Making Paper Toys That Move - Paper Craft kit with templates to Build Mechanical 3D Models Using Basic mechanisms Based on STEM Learning or STEAM Education.


When you put coins in the bank one by one, Santa starts climbing up the wall, and suddenly comes down when the bank is full. Included are full color die-cut pages with folding marks and instruction pages for you to easily assemble your own Karakuri mechanical toy, even if you don’t know anything about paper craft or engineering.

  • Included components:Die-Cut Sheets And Instruction Pages
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Step into the enchanting world of Karakuri paper craft, a traditional Japanese art form that brings paper to life with mesmerizing movement! This captivating craft involves building paper toys that use simple mechanisms like gears, cranks, cams, and levers to create dynamic motion. And now, with this incredible Karakuri templates collection, you too can learn the secrets of Karakuri and build your own captivating creations! But this art isn’t just about building paper toys – it’s about unlocking your creativity and imagination. By experimenting with different mechanisms and designs, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the principles of mechanics and engineering. And with each new creation, you’ll be transported to a magical world where paper comes alive in ways you never thought possible. Each model comes with complete directions, so you can easily create your own moving paper toy. Perfect for children and adults above 8 years old, this is a unique introduction to an ancient art that has captured the hearts of people around the world. So whether you’re a seasoned paper crafter or a complete beginner, join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the fascinating world of Karakuri!