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Welcome to Alphabet Institute of Creative Arts

We are dedicated to providing quality education and training in the field of Handwriting, Calligraphy, Sketching and other Hobby courses. Since our inception in Feb 2011, thousands of students and adults of different age groups have benefitted from our following different courses.
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Handwriting Courses

How to Improve Your Handwriting for Kids
Following courses are available:
  1. Handwriting Course A (For 6-9 years)
  2. Handwriting Course B (For 9+ years)
Features of our Handwriting course:
  • 30 days guaranteed comprehensive courses for handwriting improvement and speed writing.
  • Well researched and scientifically designed course structure.
  • Thousands of students benefitted with proven results.
  • Only course in the world focused on both speed writing and handwriting improvement.
  • Thorough handwriting evaluation before beginning the course.
  • Handwriting and speed evaluation at every stage after beginning.
  • Handwriting exercises at 3 different speed levels.
  • Courses available in multiple writing scripts for every age group.
  • Simple instructions and easy to follow course structure.
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Calligraphy (English/Devnagari)

Calligraphy Writing Classes for Beginners
Calligraphy is an Art of Beautiful Handwriting. It is an ancient writing technique using flat edged pens to create artistic lettering using thick and thin lines depending on the direction of the stroke. Like any work of art, a piece of calligraphy is hand-crafted, unique and personal. Calligraphy is not only fascinating to study; it is also a great fun to do.
Calligraphy is one of the art which anyone can learn and you need not have any artistic background to master this art of beautiful writing. Calligraphy takes a lot of patience and practice but it is easier to learn compared to other art of forms.
Alphabet Institute of creative arts started as a Calligraphy institute and thousands of students and adults have enjoyed learning this art at our institute. Basic and advanced courses are available in different scripts and batches are conducted throughout the year.
Highlights of our basic calligraphy course:
  • Well designed and structured 20 Hours program.
  • No need to have an Artistic background or skills to learn calligraphy.
  • Step-by-step program covering some aspects of advanced calligraphy.
  • Individual Training with Personal Attention.
  • Lot of calligraphy assignments covered.
  • Anyone can learn above 9 years of age.
  • Course material is provided and included in fees.
  • Weekdays and weekend batches available with Flexible timings.
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Advanced Calligraphy Course

Calligraphy Course for Beginners
Highlights of Advanced Calligraphy course:
  • Well designed and structured 25-30 hours program
  • Learner should be versed in basics of calligraphy
  • Introduction to Gothic script writing
  • Learn to use steel brushes, flat brushes and other advanced techniques
  • Learn other variations in Gothic script and advanced calligraphy assignments
  • Course material included in the fees
  • Individual training with personal attention
  • Weekdays and weekend batches available with Flexible timings.
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Portrait Sketching

We are all fascinated with realistic sketches and many of us wish we could draw such amazing real life sketches on our own. Keeping this need in mind, we have been conducting Portrait sketching course at our institute and thousands of students and adults of different age group have enjoyed learning to draw beautiful sketches at our institute.
Highlights of Portrait Sketching course:
  • No need to have artistic background to learn sketching.
  • Step-by-step designed well-structured course.
  • Anyone can learn above 12 years of age.
  • Progress at your own speed and understanding.
  • Individual training with personal attention.
  • Course material provided at the institute.
  • 60 hours intensive course with flexible batches and timings.
For Fees, Batch timings and Other details :
Apart from above courses, we have also been conducting drawing courses for kids, Preparation courses for Ele./Intermediate drawing exams and other hobby courses.
To know more about our institute, feel free to get in touch with us today.