Cursive writing Combo - Speed writing in improved handwriting - Book A (For 6-9 years) with Book B (For 9+ years) - 30 Days Handwriting practice books for students and adults


Check out our dynamic duo of Cursive Writing Combo – Book A for 6-9 year old kids and Book B for students and adults! With our 30-day comprehensive handwriting practice books, you can improve your cursive writing skills and enhance the legibility of your handwriting. With easy-to-follow instructions and engaging exercises, this combo is perfect for anyone looking to improve their handwriting, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer. Get ready to amaze yourself and others with your beautiful and sophisticated cursive writing skills!

  • Book size:A4 and 18 x 24 cm


Introducing the Cursive Handwriting Practice Books Combo – “Speed Writing in Improved Handwriting” – a set of two comprehensive 30-day workbooks designed to improve cursive handwriting and writing speed for students and adults of all ages. This combo is designed to provide a smooth transition from basic to advanced cursive writing, making your writing more elegant and impressive. You’ll experience an exciting journey towards developing your own unique handwriting style. Book A is designed for children aged 6-9 years, while Book B is tailored for learners aged 9 years and above. Both books offer a well-researched and scientifically designed course book structure, proven to benefit thousands of learners with significant results. Before beginning the program, learners will undergo a thorough self-evaluation of their handwriting and writing speed. The workbooks also include regular evaluation exercises to track progress and provide feedback to learners. With a structured approach, simple instructions, and three levels of exercises, learners can gradually improve their skills and move on to more advanced exercises. The ample tracing and practice pages provide learners with a fun and engaging way to perfect their cursive handwriting and writing speed. In conclusion, the Cursive Writing Combo – “Speed Writing in Improved Handwriting” – is a set of two comprehensive 30-day workbooks designed to improve cursive handwriting and writing speed for learners of all ages. With a proven method, easy-to-follow workbook structure, and ample tracing and practice pages, learners can improve their handwriting and writing speed effectively and efficiently.