MR script and Hindi writing Combo - Speed writing in improved handwriting - Book B (For age 9+ years) - 30 Days Handwriting practice book (English and Hindi) for students and adults


Unlock the power of beautiful and legible handwriting with our MR script and Hindi writing Combo – Speed writing in improved handwriting! Designed for students and adults, Book B provides 30 days of comprehensive handwriting practice in both English and Hindi. Perfect your handwriting skills and make a lasting impression with this unique and exciting combo.

  • Ideal age group:9+ years
  • Book size:A4
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Introducing our “Speed writing in improved handwriting” comprehensive 30-day handwriting practice combo for students and adults looking to improve their writing skills. This combo includes two books: Book B for ages 9+ in both MR Script (Marion Richardson script) and Hindi writing. Book B features a well-researched and scientifically designed course book structure with proven results. It includes thorough self-handwriting and speed evaluation before beginning and throughout the book. The exercises in Book B are specifically designed to improve your handwriting and writing speed at three different levels. The MR Script (Marion Richardson script) is a beautiful and elegant writing style, and with our book, you can master it in just 30 days. This script is perfect for those who want to learn an alternative writing style to the traditional cursive or print. The book includes simple instructions and easy-to-follow workbook structure, making it ideal for students and adults alike. Furthermore, the Hindi writing section of Book B is perfect for those who want to improve their writing skills in Hindi or Marathi (Devanagari) script. With clear instructions and ample tracing and practicing pages, you’ll quickly see improvement in your Hindi writing skills. Thousands of students have already benefited from our proven results, and now it’s your turn. Invest in your writing skills today with our MR Script and Hindi writing combo, and start seeing the improvement in just 30 days!