Speed writing in improved handwriting – Print script – Book B (For age 9+ years)

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* For Indian Pincodes Only
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This speed writing and handwriting improvement book is for students and adults above 9 years and who are writing in print script.
Following are the features of our ‘Speed writing in Improved Handwriting’ books :
  1. 30 days comprehensive workbook for handwriting improvement and speed writing.
  2. Well researched and scientifically designed course structure.
  3. Thousands of students benefited with proven results.
  4. Only course in the world focused on both speed writing and handwriting improvement.
  5. Thorough handwriting evaluation before beginning the course.
  6. Handwriting and speed evaluation at every stage after beginning.
  7. Handwriting exercises at 3 different speed levels.
  8. Courses available in multiple writing scripts for every age group.
  9. Simple instructions and easy to follow course structure.
For better results in your handwriting and speed, we recommend using this book under expert guidance. If your handwriting is too bad or slow then we suggest using multiple copies of this book after suitable intervals.
We are hopeful that students will find our course books helpful and encouraging in improving their handwriting skills.

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